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>Terrorism of ANP expose by media and residents of Orangi and Qasba

June 16, 2011


Terrorism of Awami National Party (ANP) expose by media and residents of Orangi Town, Qasba Colony and  Katti Pahari. These ANP terrorists are firing on population from hill tops and throwing hand grenades in houses, they are targetting Urdu Speakers and giving them threats to leave Qasba and Orangi.
No one in Pakistan is raising voice over this and this attitude is pushing people of Karachi to raise arms against ANP terrorists,
This terrorism of ANP against the unarmed people of Orangi Town and Qasba is going on from 3 decades, but nobody raise voice against it in Pakistan. Government also didn’t do anything to vacate the illegal encroachments on hill tops.
In 1986 these ANP Arm and Drug Mafia terrorists massacred hundred in the same Orangi and Qasba which is famous with the name Qasba and Aligarh Massacre.

>ANP and Talibans called for Jehad against Mohajirs in Karachi

June 16, 2011


In Qasba Colony and Orangi, ANP terrorists collaborating with Talibans and Al Qaeda announcing on loud speakers of mosques to wage jehad against Mohajirs (Urdu Speakers) calling Mohajirs NON MUSLIMS and belonging from JEWS Race. These ANP, Talibans and AL Qaeda terrorists killing innocent Urdu Speakers in Karachi and calling it Jehad.
Now where is Pakistan Civil Society, Media, Judiciary, Rangers, Police?

>Exclusive footage of armed ANP terrorists killing unarmed people of Karachi

June 14, 2011


Exclusive footage of Armed ANP terrorists killing unarmed people of Karachi including women and children.

After this video it is clear that ANP is behind all the bloodshed in Karachi

>ANP planning bloodshed in Karachi

June 9, 2011


On 31 May 2011, terrorists belonging to ANP(Awami National Party) kidnapped and tortured MQM MPA Aleem ur Rehman from old Sabzi Mandi Area, took him to their office in the same area and tortured him, his Gunman and driver for 2 hours, after that Rangers and Police raided the office of ANP and recovered MQM MPA.
After the incident MQM registered FIR against ANP terrorists who kidnapped Aleem Ur Rehman, instead of handing over the terrorists nominated by MQM,  ANP started to give shelter to it’s terrorists and boycotted Sindh and Senate sessions to black mail government, and now the news are coming from Karachi that ANP is planning mass voilence and bloodshed in karachi to divert the attention from the issue of MPA kidnappings. Today in Karachi ANP terrorists killed 3 in Ornagi and Qasba and injured 2 minors as well.

Here is the news from Daily Express, SHO of area telling the journalists from where he recovered MQM MPA.
ANP Office.

>Senior Journalists and Anchors exposed Imran Khan Dharna in Karachi

June 1, 2011


Senior Journalists and Anchors Sana Bucha and Absar Alam exposing Dharna of Imran Khan and PTI in Karachi on TV in Talat Hussain Program News Night on Dawn TV.

>Couple faced humiliation for Fake anti MQM propaganda.

June 1, 2011


In Pakistan there is a fashion of blaming MQM for everything, people who never visited Karachi blame MQM for every crime that occurred in Karachi without proofs because of their ethnic and political bias, but there are people who blamed MQM for their own vested interests.
In Pakistan the people do anti MQM propaganda due to ethnic and political hate and bias are out of reach of the law, but in countries like Canada such people face humiliation when they lied against MQM and do fake propaganda against MQM.
Such happened with Sabir Muhammad Sheikh and his wife who lied against MQM. What happen with them and how they paid heavily for doing Anti MQM Propaganda is a lesson for all the so called Anti MQM people who lied in the name of MQM and blamed MQM for everything without proofs.

Here is What happened with a couple who was lying against MQM.

High price to pay for lying on Canadian immigration forms

This story on CTV Montreal is a good example of what happens when foreign nationals lie in an immigration application to Canada. Sabir Mohammad Sheikh and Seema Sheikh, a married couple from Pakistan, were deported from Canada in the summer of 2009 because of significant lies on their immigration applications to Canada.

On December 21, 2000, the Sheikhs entered Canada from the US and claimed refugee protection. In their application for protection, they claimed to have been persecuted in Pakistan for at least seven years by the Mutatahida Qaumi Movement, a Pakistani political party. 

Mr. Sheikh stated that MQM gangsters fired at his family, harassed them, burned down his store, uttered death threats against him and killed his father and nephew. To escape the violence and persecution, the family escaped to Dubai where they purchased fake British passports and travelled to the United States. 

On December 21, 2001, based on the statements from the Sheikh family, Citizenship and Immigration Canada recognized them as Convention refugees in need of protection and allowed them to remain in Canada.
Sometime in early 2004, Citizenship and Immigration Canada learned that most of the statements made by the Sheiks for refugee protection were fabricated. The government applied to vacate the decision recognizing them as Convention refugees.

At a hearing in June 2007, Mr. Sheikh admitted that he and his wife had lied on their application forms. Mr. Sheikh was living and working in Dubai, not Pakistan, from 1978 to 2000 and his wife was with him in Dubai from 1984 onwards. He said that although it was not true that he was shot at by MQM gangsters, he was nonetheless persecuted by them on the occasional summer trip he made to Pakistan. 

On September 4, 2007, an officer of the Immigration and Refugee Board (Refugee Division) allowed the government’s application and the refugee claim was rejected. The officer concluded that the Sheikhs misrepresented material facts in their applications concerning their persecution in Pakistan and obtained refugee status based on those misrepresentations. She also found that, given the extent of the misrepresentations, there was no remaining credible evidence to conclude that the Sheikhs had ever been persecuted.

The Sheikhs were deported to the United States but left their children, including a 5-year-old daughter, in Canada. Faced with serious lies on an immigration application, the federal government has no choice but to deport foreign nationals like the Sheikhs, otherwise the integrity of the refugee system is at risk.

>Zulfiqar Mirza Gang attacked Zardari Security Officer

May 30, 2011


Zardari trusted body guard is attacked by terrorists of Uzair Baloch (Peoples Amn Committee) run by Zulfiqar Mirza. It is now clear Zulfiqar Mirza and his gang of terrorists working under the name of Peoples Amn Committee is behind all the Crimes, Extortion and Target Killings in Karachi.

President Zardari’s chief security officer attacked by armed men in Firdous Colony.

At least 15 armed men ambushed Bilal Sheikh, the security officer of President Asif Ali Zardari, at 2:15 am on Sunday. He was unhurt but two of his police guards were injured.
Sheikh was returning to his house from Bilawal House, Clifton. The 15 men in two cars and motorcycles attacked him close to his house in Firdous Colony.
“My gunman and driver were also in my car while fifteen police guards were in three mobile units behind me,” Sheikh told The Express Tribune.
He said the culprits fired at least two rockets and they also hurled hand grenades at his car. “The rockets and grenades hit my vehicle and the police mobiles. They also opened fire.” The security officer said he remained safe as the guards fired back. One of the suspects was also injured in the crossfire along with Sheikh’s two guards. The two police guards, Sarfaraz and Mehmood, were taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where their condition was declared stable. “They escaped but they left their white Toyota Corolla and some ammunition behind,” Sheikh said. “They also took their injured companion with them.”
He named Lyari gangsters as the suspects. “Recently, I was being threatened by Lyari gangsters belonging to the Uzair Baloch group. They wanted to create [some sort of] controversy between the Pakistan Peoples Party and the Muttahida Qaumi Movement to disrupt the city’s law and order situation,” he explained.
Two of Uzair Baloch’s aides, Shahid Dikkat and Ahsan Mohajir, were leading the attackers and they are the commanders of the Haji Mureed Goth close to Firdous Colony.
After receiving the threats, he had informed Sindh Inspector General of Police Fayyaz Leghari and asked him for protection after which, he was provided the police guards with the three mobiles.
An FIR has been registered against Lyari gangsters under sections 147, 148, 149, 353, 324 of the Pakistan Penal Code and 7 of the Anti Terrorism Act on the complaint of Gulbahar police head constable Shahnawaz.
Following the incident, the police formed an investigation team headed by Anti-Extremist Cell chief SSP Chaudhry Aslam Khan and the team has started raiding areas.
When asked if the attack could be related to a property dispute, Bilal Shaikh said, “I am a security officer of the president and I am mostly in Islamabad. I have no business of property here or anything else.”
The Gulbahar police have impounded the car. Police said that it was snatched from Gulshan-e-Iqbal two days before the incident and the police have recorded the owner’s statement. A rocket launcher, one hand grenade and one TT pistol as well as 250 empty shells were also seized from the crime scene.
Investigators have also recorded the statements of witnesses.
Published in The Express Tribune, May 30th, 2011.