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>Imran Khan Sala Zac Goldsmith Divorced by his wife for ADULTERY.

May 24, 2011


Imran Khan leader of PTI himself famous for Adultery and also have a daughter without marriage was few months back seen campaigning for his Ex Brother in Law(SALA) Zac Goldsmith, Imran Khan took him to the mosques and urge people to vote for him. I was wondering Why Imran Khan was keen to support him and called him his brother, but now it is clear, Imran Khan and Zac Goldsmith share same hobbies ADULTERY and due to this hobby Zac Goldsmith wife divorced him. Now lets see in next elections will Imran Khan camapign for him or not but i am sure Tory Party will NEVER give Ticket to such Adulterer.

New Tory MP Zac Goldsmith divorced by wife over adultery

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 7:38 PM on 10th May 2010

Zac Goldsmith was divorced by wife Sheherazade in just 30 seconds today because of his adultery confession.
The 35-year-old multi-millionaire environmentalist – who became a Tory MP on Friday – did not contest the ‘quickie’ divorce brought by his wife, also 35, to bring an end to their ten-year marriage.
And although there have been stories romantically linking him to 25-year-old Alice Rothschild – the ‘other woman’ was not named in divorce papers .


Zac Goldsmith is divorcing his wife Sheherazade four days after he was elected the MP for Richmond

The couple married in Paris on June 1, 1999 but split up in April last year when Sheherazade said she first knew of the alleged adultery.
When asked why she was claiming the alleged adultery she replied : ‘The respondent admitted his adultery to me.’
And in a sworn statement to the court Zac when asked : ‘Do you admit the adultery alleged in the petition?’ replied simply, ‘Yes.’ 

He also revealed in his statement that although he was habitually resident in England he was domiciled in France.
Fellow old-Etonian David Cameron, whom he advises on environmental issues, stood by his selection to stand for Parliament despite his ‘non-domicile’ tax status.
However, a spokesman today was keen to point out that his switch to UK tax resident status in April 2009 has been confirmed by his accountants PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Zac Goldsmith, left, celebrates winning the seat for Richmond Park with his election agent David Newman, as defeated Liberal Democrat candidate Susan Kramer looks on

Zac Goldsmith, left, celebrates winning the seat for Richmond Park with his election agent David Newman, as defeated Liberal Democrat candidate Susan Kramer looks on

District Judge David White granted Sheherazade a decree nisi in the High Court Family Division on the ground that the marriage ‘has broken down irretrievably’ because of the adultery.
In court papers she said she would now find it ‘intolerable’ to live with him.
Her petition appeared eighth in a list of 22 quickie divorces with neither at court for the 30-second hearing.
Goldsmith, brother to socialite Jemima Khan, the ex-wife of Pakistan cricketer Imran Khan and consort of actor Hugh Grant, met former actress Sheherazade when he saw her sitting in a cafe and sent her a bouquet and his number.
They soon married, and had three children.
After a decade together, however, they separated last year, following reports that he had become a regular companion of his Miss Rothshchild, whose sister Kate is married to Goldsmith’s brother Ben.

Victory: Zac Goldsmith celebrates winning the seat for Richmond Park with his sister Jemima Khan

Victory: Zac Goldsmith with his sister Jemima Khan on election night
Lady Annabel Goldsmith wipes away a tear as she hears her son has won with Ben Goldsmith and Jemima Khan alongside

Lady Annabel Goldsmith wipes away a tear as she hears her son has won with Ben Goldsmith and Jemima Khan alongside
Zac Goldsmith allegedly met up with Alice Rothschild, his sister-in-law, in Spain over the summer

Object of affection? Zac Goldsmith has been linked to banking heiress Alice  Rothschild, whose sister is married to his brother

Last summer Goldsmith and Miss Rothschild are understood to have met during their summer holidays at the Goldsmith family villa near Marbella in Spain.
At one point he was seen making afternoon visits to her London home of up to four hours at a time. He soon explained that he was visiting in connection with a charity poker night he was helping to organise.
Sheherazade has remained at the former family home in Richmond, Surrey.

Goldsmith has moved in nearby with his mother Lady Annabell.
He is the son of the late billionaire financier Sir James Goldsmith and his wife will be entitled to a large chunk of his estimated £300m inherited fortune.
Goldsmith took Richmond Park from the Liberal Democrats last week with a majority of 4,091. He defeated former Lib Dem MP Susan Kramer after overturning her 3,731 majority.
He is said to have spent £250,000 of his own money on his election campaign and in the divorce said he had no objection to paying the legal costs.
After being expelled from Eton for smoking cannabis he travelled the world, carried out environmental work, then became editor of the family magazine, The Ecologist.
Goldsmith’s father Sir James – a notorious gambler who founded the Referendum Party in a high profile bid to get Britain out of the European Union – famously repeated the quip that ‘A man who marries his mistress creates a vacancy’.

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