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>Zulfiqar Mirza head of Lyari Gangsters. Exposed again

February 21, 2011


Zulfiqar Mirza again proves that he is the actual underworld Don and head of lyari Gangsters. He give a speech in Lyari with famous lyari gangsters involved in Rape, Murder, Kidnapping for Ransom, Extortion, Drug Selling and Land Grabbing like Uzair Baloch, Shahid MCB, Taju, Baba Ladla and Yasir Pathan on Stage.
Watch the video, on a Banner behind Zulfiqar Mirza you all can read names of Taju and Noor Muhammad aka Baba Ladla, behind his right shoulder famous gangster and terrorist Yasir aka Pathan is standing, behind his left shoulder you can see Shahid MCB wala, and on his left Uzair Baloch the gangster who took over  Rehman Dakait Gang as head after his death in Police encounter is standing.
Pictures of Rehman Dakait is visible behind the stage.

And Now watch this video, Video of Armed Lyari Gangsters belonging to Noor Muhammad aka Baba Ladla Group. Yasir Pathan standing with Zulfiqar Mirza in above video is the first feature terrorist.

After this video it is proved that Zulfiqar Mirza is behind all the Target Killings, Crimes, Kidnapping for ransom, Extortion, Land Mafia, Drug Mafia in Karachi and sindh who is heading these gangsters.
Shame Shame PPP.
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  1. February 24, 2011 8:37 am

    >Since Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and till BB Bhutto, all PPP did was to collect and cherish feudal lords, industrialists and ghundas BUT this strategy backfired when nobody came out to save Bhutto and important people like Pirzada, Jatoi and Khar abondoned him.

  2. February 24, 2011 8:40 am

    >All Bhutto did, from the times of Z.A Bhutto to BB Bhutto was to collect feudal lords, industrialists and liar and made them the part of their game totally neglecting the common people.BUT this strategy back-fired when in time of need Jatoi, Pirzada, Khar and other abandoned BHUTTO and never fought to get him relesed.BB married Zardari and did the same "collection" which finally took her life.I believe that ZARDARI himself is responsible for the murder of his wife as CIA did it and they knew the Bhutto will never come to power.


  1. >Zulfiqar Mirza head of Lyari Gangsters. Exposed again | Tea Break

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