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>Example of Bad Governance in Punjab, Nine of same family murdered

February 8, 2011


MANDI BAHAUDDIN: Unidentified men killed nine members of the same family in the Qadirabad area of Mandi Bahauddin on Tuesday morning.

The assailants slaughtered the owner of the house Irshad, four of his sons, his parents and grandparents.

According to reports, Irshad had married a girl from Sheikhupura two years ago but his family had completely restricted her movement, which is why the girl’s relatives allegedly murdered Irshad and his family.

The police also recovered a letter from the crime scene allegedly written by the girl’s relatives in which, they claimed that their daughter was kidnapped two years ago and the killings were a punishment for that.

The girl has been missing since the incident took place. ~ Codename RG

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  1. February 9, 2011 2:17 pm

    >Contrary to the repeated claims made by the PML-N leadership, functioning of the Punjab government is not so open and transparent. Top bureaucrats belonging to the District Management Group (DMG) keep bragging about being ‘best of the best’ and behave as if they are living in a colonial era. No wonder the District Coordination Officers (DCOs) of Okara and Sahiwal did not provide even catalogued information pertaining to development schemes, which was sought under Article 137 of the Local Government Ordinance. Apart from this legal provision, which is applicable only to district government departments, there is no law under which citizens can demand information from the provincial departments about the way public funds are being utilised, effectively denying a fundamental right to 100 million residents of Punjab. Under Article 19-A of the constitution, access to information is a fundamental right now and the Punjab government is constitutionally bound to enact a right to information law. It is only through the right of having access to official documents that the bureaucracy can be made subservient to the people and honesty ensured in utilisation of public money. Instead of making tall claims about good governance in Punjab, the PML-N leadership should walk the talk and provide its citizens an easy mechanism so that they could have access to information held by different departments. Furthermore murder of nine people from same family speaks the volume of law and order situation in Punjab and claims of good governance by Punjab Government.

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