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>Nawaz Sharif made Lahore and Punjab Crime Capital of Asia

January 25, 2011


Our aim to make Lahore and Punjab Crime Capital of the World.( Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif)
Nawaz Sharif party PML N (Nangi League) is ruling Punjab Province and made province the Capital of Terrorism and Crimes of Asia.
Only in Lahore which is half size of Karachi, 74,000 cases of crimes registered in 1 year and to hide it’s performance Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif ordered the Police to hide the real statistics of crimes and issue fabricated crime statistics to fool people of Lahore and Punjab.
To curb terrorism and crimes in Punjab Martial Law and Army action is inevitable in Lahore and Punjab. Only Army can eliminate Crime and Terrorism from Punjab.

Police show 18,116 against 74,000 registered cases

By JAM SAJJAD HUSSAIN January 21, 2011

LAHORE – Following special directives of the top brass of the City Police, Reader Branch of CCPO Office issued fabricated crime statistics to media in order to soothe the anger of general public by showing that the crime rate has been decreased in 2010 as compared to 2009, well-established sources said.
Surprisingly, the crime rate has increased up to the alarming level in all the six police divisions including Cantonment, Model Town, The City, Saddar, Iqbal Town and Civil Lines police division in the Punjab Capital despite the big claims of top bosses of Lahore Police at different occasions.
According to official statistics, the crime of drug-peddling, gambling, rape, gang rape, kidnapping for ransom, murder, attempt to murder, robbery, vehicles snatching and other crimes of different natures have increased alarmingly in the provincial capital in 2010.
Sources, however, varying the figures, said average 11,00 cases were registered at each police station in the provincial capital under different sections of PPC in 2010 and the total figure reached to 84,700 cases.
According to insiders, Lahore Police pumped bogus data in media revealing that in 2010 only 18,116 cases were registered with 77 police stations in the City out of which investigators traced 8,770 cases, 5,455 remained untraced, 1,589 cases were disposed of, 7,535 challans cases were submitted to the courts and 3,536 are still under investigation. They further claimed that police bosses further misled the masses by showing that total 16,278 cases were registered in 2009 out of which 4,739 remained untraced, 7,892 were traced, challans of 6,981 cases were submitted to the courts, 1,589 cases were disposed of and in 3,034 cases were yet to be investigated.
The genuine figures however revealed a quite different story. Over 74,228 cases of various natures were reported in 2010 while over 65,980 cases were registered in 2009. According to crime statistics, about 51 people were kidnapped for ransom with the increase of 17 incidents as compared to 2009 in which only 35 people were abducted. About 1,010 cases of attempt murder, 3,235 of robbery, 2,912 of burglary, 435 of motorcycles snatching, 96 of car snatching, 1480 of car robbed, 4320 of motorbikes robbed, 9982 of drugs, 440 of gambling dens and 28365 cases of other natures were reported in 2010.
Over 168 and 52 women/girls were victimised of rape and gang rape in 2010 with the increase of 104 incidents as compared to 2009. About 559 people were killed in 2010 while total 530 incidents took place in 2009 with the increase of 29 incidents. The official figures show 500 cases of burglary, 184 cases of robbery, 9 cases of car and 64 motorcycles theft, 315 cases of car and 1080 of motorbikes robbed, 282 cases of other vehicles theft/robbed, 380 cases of kidnapping/abduction were registered in 2010.
The analysis of official statistics showed that the Lahore Police have been deliberately failed to control crimes in the provincial capital. The figures also showed minor decrease in dacoity-cum-murder, vehicles theft, police encounters and sophisticated weapons in 2010 as compared to 2009.
Moreover, excluding two high profile cases including the killing of the parents of a senior Judge of Supreme Court Justice Javed Iqbal and the drama of kidnapping a UK lady for ransom, the City Police have badly failed to give any major breakthrough in the provincial capital.
Talking to TheNation, the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Aslam Tareen said the crime was increased due to the policy of free registration of FIRs. He said the population of provincial capital had crossed 10 million while the City Police had to tackle the crime with limited resources. “Over 100 police stations should be established while the police force should also be increased.
The method of investigation should also be changed from tradition to technical method by installing CCTV cameras and aerial surveillance of Lahore City should be ensured like London, UK.”
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