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Leader for a Sustainable Revolution in Pakistan – Why Altaf Hussain?

November 5, 2010

A man with a vision and ideology, starting from a student organization, and working his way forward to the 3rd largest political party of Pakistan in spite of the challenges met along the way, is a better and a stronger person than any of us, who dare to take this step. Often speaking against the status-quo and challenging the rulers regularly, or becoming a hindrance for an issue which may have foreseeable disadvantages, Altaf Hussain has been the most effective living leader in the 63 years of this country and one of the extremely powerful politicians of Pakistan

During the 90’s where there was PTV and ISPR released news reports, this party fell victim to the worst kind of state torture and defamation known to Pakistani’s. Criminal cases were established against the leadership, which forced many to flee the country, or go into hiding to save their lives. Until today not a single case of Murder, arson, or kidnapping has not been able to be proven on to the party or the leadership, yet the dis-information campaign then was so effective that North of Hyderabad (Sindh) the nation was engulfed into a perception which still haunts the party on occasions.

Charter of Democracy was an acceptance that both the “democratic” Governments of PPP and PML-N during the 90’s did promote political victimization, where baseless allegation were labeled against each other when either of them got power. Just like the current primary contestants to top the “Fake Degree” honor roll, in the past each of them created cases of corruption, murder, theft, kidnapping and what not against their political opponents. MQM got the worst of both, PPP along with targeting PML-N was trying its best to crush the voice of the middle class who is a direct threat to the party itself. When PML-N turn came in, they again started their “revenge” on PPP and dragged MQM along the political disaster. One must not forget that both the PPP and PML-N Governments had to face the kick out of the Parliament by its own President or Army Chiefs precisely for pushing Karachi into darkness.

While this political victimization continued, both PPP and PML-N had created cases against MQM leaders and legislators mostly for arson, maintenance of public order, and murder, but both parties knew that MQM was not corrupt, therefore, no corruption cases against MQM from then till date.

Winning of seats in Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir allowed the steps to widen further, only because the people from these areas were residents of Karachi, where they saw this Movement work for the welfare of its people whenever it was given the chance. The recent record holding win in Karachi PS94 was not able to send a revolutionary message to the remaining of Pakistan that people of Karachi do believe in this Movement and continue to support it despite of the continued allegation leveled against it, now by political quarters who find it easy to put the blame on MQM as the past perceptions are already developed. But then again we had to go through deadly target killings and collapse of law and orders in order to send the wrong message once again to the people of Pakistan. But as days progressed, the understanding of the criminals and their agendas were highlighted and the law enforcement prompted into taking stern actions.

Most who do not have any proofs or support for the previously created propaganda, and continued table stories by some newspapers, a portion of the opponents of Altaf Hussain do not like him because of his way of addressing during his speeches. Here, we fail to realize that most of the Aalim’s in Pakistan and the Shia faith use the same way of oration to gain most attention and put the message across most effectively without losing its meaning. Nevertheless, almost all leaders have their style of disseminating the ideologies and their vision (if they have any), e.g Ch. Shujaat, Jahangir Badr, Sher Afghan Niazi etc.. The other half asks him to come back to Pakistan, ignoring the enormous growth this party has shown through each of the elections starting from 1986.

I feel if Pakistan has to go through a revolution, then we need to weigh the possibilities of it realistically, because we need to change ourselves before we think about changing the system, and as per my experience, this is all what Altaf Hussain has been teaching all his political life, therefore the party hierarchical discipline and its professional execution. The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives” William James. But yes, the only way forward is a revolution of the masses to take control of the country from few many whom this nation has already had enough of already. For the Revolution we need a leader, and I feel that Altaf Hussain is the only person with the personality which connects to the hard working masses with the best of the understanding and similarities.

  • More than 35 years of political experience
  • Self made natural leader from day one, had started his own student movement.
  • From a middle-class urban family, with hand to mouth earning and living standards.
  • Direct relations with families participated with Pakistan Movement, and migration sufferings.
  • Faced and learned from majority discrimination, based on ethnicity, quota and civil / military system.
  • An architect who built an effective organization with his most trusted partner Dr. Imran Farooq.
  • Suffered loses of immediate family and friends. Knows the feeling.
  • A very open and an emotional person, a father figure, a genuine original. Never lets status or culture come in between his expression of feelings.
  • A leader who is so feared by the rulers, that physical arson and theft cases made against him after he had shifted to London. Such as stealing a cap of a police officer, and throwing a rock at a moving bus.
  • An initiator, believer, and promoter of ‘realism and practicalism’ as opposed to the usual opportunistic, theoretical, false-promises, idealistic and religious type of politics.
  • Revolutionary manifesto for reforms in favor of the common man and practical justice across the board.
  • Offered the best and educated professionals for public service, State enterprises, Local Government for corruption free performance and actual results.
  • The leader who has never desired to be a Prime Minister or a President or any designation, neither has he ever placed his immediate relatives to any of the notable public offices.
  • His ideology has saved Pakistan from sectarian intolerance with main emphasis on the “rights” of the minorities of Pakistan.
  • The first leader, to have identified and exposed Talibanization of Pakistani cities, especially Karachi. The only party to abstain from passing of the Sharia-Law for SWAT last year.
  • A direct threat to the current system and feared by the most powerful of the nation, by openly declaring mis-deeds, and non-democratic or corrupt actions of Feudals or Military personnel.
  • True patriot, with a philosophy for the sub-continent, and a loving, caring person of humanity. A true neighbor, realizing the blunders of the past leaders, but efficiently adapting and adjusting to the environment for economic and social progress of Pakistan.

Who would want to lose such a leader to his enemies? And especially when he is the only leader who is able to speak openly against the ad-hoc-ism present in our revenge filled democracy. Pakistan has to date not found the killers of its leaders, and the member of Altaf Hussain’s party have all the right to keep their ideological leader away from harm’s way. Mohtarama’s coming to Pakistan was not bravery, it was foolishness on part of the opportunistic member of her party to have asked her to come back in spite of knowing and self suffering the brutality of the system. Look at what we have now?

Conclusion: I will go with Altaf Hussain’s call as he is the most suitable, honest and sincere to lead us out of this mess.

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