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Fake Relief Camps of PTI

September 10, 2010
Camp of PTI in Karachi, Flags of PTI and Pictures of Imran Khan Shows their Popularity.

Imran Khan runs a party named Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan is the only face in the party thanks to his nexus with Talibans and Talibani Generals like Hameed Gul who introduced him in Politics, he can be seen sitting on different channels propagating his thoughts.

PTI is working for around 14 years but no success, one hand Imran Khan is with Talibans, on the other hand he was seen running campaign for a Jew in UK.

In the recent floods in Pakistan, Imran Khan party is seen no where except internet, Imran Khan party failed to collect funds and to give relief to flood affected people, so they have a better option of erecting FAKE CAMPS.

Here are 2 videos showing Fake relief Camps of Imran Khan Party PTI.

Shame on Imran Khan and PTI, the failure of PTI is also a reason that Imran Khan need to join Geo to collect funds.

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