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Kallu Current, Killed to hide the name of the real DON of Gangsters!

August 18, 2010

Reality of Kallu Current Encounter, PPP and Zulfiqar Mirza killed him as if he dont get killed he unveiled the PPP and Zulfiqar Mirza Connection with Gangsters Criminals and Terrorists.

This is an Open murder, and Zulfiqar Mirza should be try for this Murder, there are questions that needs to be answer.

  • Kallu Current was Gangster and Criminal but who RUN him?

  • Why he was tortured to death in PPP office in Dalmia?

  • Who invited him for talks in PPP office?

  • WHo ordered his Extra Judicial Killing?

  • If arrested why he didn’t produced in front of Free Judiciary?

  • Who are the people afraid that if he is presented in front of Court he will take their names?


    Kallu was a crminal and Gangster but he was NOT convicted by court, Question is Rehman Dakait was also a gangster and PPP running his group and giving VIP treatment to Rehman Dakait Gangsters but killing every single Gangster who is in Arshad Pappu Gang?


    Seems Zulfiqar Mirza has replaced Rehman Dakait ?

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