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Hundreds of Jamat e Islami workers joined Al Qaeda.

July 28, 2010

Everyone in Pakistan knows that Jamat e Islami is an Anti Pakistan and the biggest terrorist outfit of Pakistan and the world, but now things are getting more clearer and the terrorism of Jamat e Islami is coming out on the media which was not previously shown because of close links with Establishment.

Once the allies of Pakistani Establishment are now getting out of hands and now turns their backs on Pakistan.

On 26th July 2010 Saleem Shehzad Bureau Chief of Asia Times reported that Hundred of Islami Jamiat e Talaba (IJT) Terrorists, Student wing of Fascist Jamat e Islami from Karachi Officially joined Al Qaeda and now getting training in  North Waziristan.

The recruiter of all these Jamat e Islami terrorists is no other then Jamat e Islami own Dr Akmal Waheed, Brother of Dr Arshad Waheed, who was involved in attack on Core Commander Karachi in Karachi and then was fighting against Pakistani Army and died in US drone attack in Waziristan.

Workers of Jamat e Islami was not only involved in attack on Cor Commander Karachi, But the People attacked Srilankan team, People Attacked GHQ were also affiliated with Jamat e Islami and all these terrorists were stationed in Mansora(Head Quarter of Jamat e Islami) before the attacks.

After 9/11 Jamat e Islami top leadership provides shelter to Al Qaeda figures, most of the Al Qaeda leadership including Khalid Sheikh Muhammad was also arrested from Jamat e Islami Top leadership houses.

Dr Arshad was not the only person who died in Waziristan fighting for Al Qaeda against Pakistan, known Jamat e Islami terrorist Sanaullah from Karachi, who was involved in Murders, Attempt to Murders kidnappings also killed fighting against Pakistan Army in Wazristan.

This is now time to Ban Jamat e Islami in Pakistan and the parents shouldn’t allow their children to join Jamat e Islami or Islami Jamiat e Talaba as they are brain washing the young blood of Pakistan and using them against Pakistan in the name of Islam, and the children of all the Jamat e Islami leaders including Qazi Hussain and Munawwar Hassan are sitting in their homes enjoying life.
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