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Jamat e Islami Terrorists who killed Prof Ifitikhar Uddin Danish Killed in Karachi

June 24, 2010
Jamat e Islami Terrorist Mobin ul Haq who Murdered Prof Iftikhar Uddin Danish and His Son Kamran Danish  with other Jamat e Islami terrorists died in Karachi.
Jamat e Islami who is famous for Politics of Dead Bodies, used the event for cheap publicity and blame MQM and try to hide the crimes of their worker who is famous for killing people, he might be targetted for his personal enemities but Jamat e Islami used his body to blame MQM.
Jamat e Islami workers are involved in henious crimes including Murders Dacoits but always getrid of Law like Hijrat Ullah(Terrorist who attacked Manawan Police Training Centre) by giving bribe to Police and use their influence in Secret Agencies.

i like to tell Jamat e Islami that they are exposed and in Karachi and Pakistan and they can’t fool people by dancing around the streets with the body of a terrorist.

Here is the news published in a leading daily of Pakistan.

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