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Jamat e Islami starts chocking Karachi Sewarge Lines

June 5, 2010

Reading the news in a Karachi daily that unknown people are chocking the sewerage lines in Karachi is not a shock for me, as i know this evil practice of Jamat e Islami from a very long time.

Jamat e Islami first used this practice soon after 1987 local bodies elections, when MQM kicked them out from the Karachi Local Bodies by thumping victory, Jamat e Islami who was ruling Karachi from more then 7 years sitting in Zia ul Haq Lap, were humiliated by the people of Karachi, so to make things worst for the newly MQM Local Bodies Government, Jamat e Islami and Jamiat workers starts chocking the sewerage lines of Karachi, Many were caught red handed by the people of Karachi.

Now when the cyclone PHET is about to hit Karachi and the Weather department if forecasting heavy rains, Jamat e Islami starts is old habit of chocking the sewerage lines of Karachi.

One may ask why Jamat e Islami is doing this but these are the reasons WHY Jamat e Islami is Doing this.

  • Jamat e Islami is actively out from Karachi Local Bodies from Last 5 years, their former Nazim failed to deliver to the People of Karachi and now by Chocking Sewerage lines in Karachi, They want to flood karachi so that they can polish politics on this issue.
  • MQM Mayor Mustafa Kamal is running for World Best Mayor, and people are voting for him in large numbers, People are predicting that Mustafa Kamal will win this contest, When the Foreign Policy Magazine included Mustafa Kamal in Three Top Mayors of the World, Jamat e Islami became hysterical as and starts a malicious Propaganda against Mustafa Kamal, and now when Mustafa Kamal is included in the race of World Best Mayor, they are trying their level best to defame him.
  • Jamat e Islami have no Political agenda, they are again and again refused and humiliated by the people of Karachi in elections, so they want to take revenge of their defeats by the people of Karachi, Naimatullah Khan the Ex Nazim accept that People reject them.
  • Jamat e Islami is trying to fail the newly laid Sewerage system of Karachi so that they can start propaganda against the achievements of the previous Local Body Government of Karachi.
  • Jamat e Islami is strongly hated by the people of Karachi for its support for Qatil Talibans, so to gain some Sympathy, they are trying to defame MQM and its previous government to gain some public sympathy and support.
I Urge the people of Karachi to keep vigil and cautious and keep their eyes open as Jamat e Islami for their Political Interests conspiring to submerge Karachi, keep a close eye on big sewerage lines and rain drians as Jamat e Islami workers tries to chock them.

Here is the news of Sewerage Lines Chocked by unknown (Jamat e Islami) people.
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