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John Terry, Imran Khan and Morality.

February 7, 2010
John Terry, Captain of England Soccer team have been sacked just because he was cheating his wife and kids and was involved in extra marital affair with some other woman.

Now thats a news, a country where such things are very common, where affairs, and without marriage relationships are like everyone’s own personal matter, and a country which is a Non Islamic State, England Soccer Team Captain have been sacked on the grounds of Morality.

Unlike Imran Khan (Zani Khan), John Terry didn’t cried nor his fans, that this is his Personal Matter, I have the right to do what i like to.

This incident shows that a public figure or celebrity has no personal life, this incident is a slap on Imran Khan and his followers face who used to call Imran Khan Affairs and Birth of his Daughter Tyrain White as his personal Affair.

This is question of Morality, a person with illegal affair can’t head a Soccer team on the Morals ground then how Imran Khan who is morally corrupt and father of a daughter born with out Marriage and according to Islam born due to Haram Kari and its punishment is Stone to Death according to Islam, can Head an Islamic State ??

Can Imran Khan or his Fans tell me what is the meaning of Morality? 
Do they have the moral courage to accept the reality about Imran Khan and his Immorality?
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