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Lies and Munafqat of Jamat e Islami Exposed again.

December 31, 2009

The Suicide attack on Ashura procession was a very cowardly and deplorable act, and the after the attack the looting and arsoning is equally condemnable, but when karachi was on fire, the biggest enemies of Karachi, Jamat e Islami, who signed the Quota System, Who was busy killing people of Karachi on the false allegations of Jinnah Pur and who continuously blamed MQM for every single incident in Karachi, again starts its propaganda against MQM and instead of giving statements against he people who actually attack the Ashura procession and burned down the shops of people of Karachi starts it’s hall mark Munafqat and starts pointing fingers towards MQM.

What happened in Karachi was not new, the same happened in Quetta just 5 years back, where the same been done but Jamat e Islami kept quite.

Jamat e Islami has a habit of blaming MQM for every crime in Karachi, But Allah always put Kalak on their dirty faces.

For instance when Suicide Bomber attacked 12 Rabi ul Awal procession in Nishter park Karachi, Jamat e Islami quickly points towards MQM,
but later the Jamat e Ahl e Sunnat Ameer cleared that it was a suicide attack and the attacker belonged from Mansehra.

 and now after Suicide attack on Ashura procession in karachi and then torching of shops occurred, Jamat e Islami again starts its lies and blamed MQM.
But after the emergence of footage of CCTV, where people actually stoped the Fire engines and torture its staff, visible faces of people who torched the Markets, and mysterious silence of Police and Rangers on that spot shows that it was again a conspiracy against MQM.
Now see the faces of people torching shops and banks.
Do they look like people of Karachi ?

Watch with concentration, People Wearing White gloves and use chemicals to torch the shops, Do they look like People of Karachi ?
Now the biggest question, when all this was happening where was Police and Rangers as both are not under MQM ?

These footages shows that Jamat e islami always blame MQM for incidents just to hide the real faces of Terrorists and Culprits who are destroying Karachi, and the reason why Jamat e islami and others do that ?

According to Sayings of Prophet Mohammad (P B U H).
One of the Symptom of Munafiq is ” When ever he speaks he LIED”

People of Karachi this is the truth, the Ugly and Munafiq face of Jamat e Islami exposed again whenever jamat e islami speaks they lied and from above footage it is not only proved but their Munafqat and their Anti Karachi policies are also exposed.

I urge Jamat e islami Leaders that if they have proofs of MQM involvement in Torching of Shops, they should file a case in Supreme Court and present those proofs in Court.

May Allah save people of Karachi and Pakistan from these Munafiqs and Terrorists of Jamat e Islami.

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