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MQM victory in Gilgit Baltistan, Start of a Revolution

November 13, 2009
The victory of MQM candidate from Gilgit and Baltistan is the Start of a New Dawn in the Politics of Pakistan and Start of a Middle Class Revolution in Pakistan.

I congratulate MQM , Altaf Hussain Bhai and all the members and supporters of MQM for this Historical Victory.

I can Question MQM critics about thier baseless allegations against MQM and Altaf Hussain  but this is a moment of Share Joy and happiness so i am not asking or saying anything to them.

Thank you MQM Bashers for just sitting inside your homes posting rubbish on internet, that give us the chance to actually go to the People of Pakistan and Spread the message of Realism and Practical ism. Soon MQM will emerge the single and Largest Political party of Pakistan supported by the 98% Poor class of Pakistan and i can Smell the Revolution in Pakistan real  soon.

Long Live Altaf Hussain.
Forever Live M Q M
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