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Altaf Hussain and Qadianis. The Reality !

September 12, 2009

From the day Altaf Hussain interview with Luqman on aired, the soo called religious parties of Pakistan, the Taliban Symathysers and the Biggest Munafiqs on the face of this Earth Jamat e Islami starts a malacious Propaganda agaist MQM and its Leader Altaf Hussain and brand him a Qadiaani Sympathyser.

All this starts when Mubashir Luqman asked a question to Mr Altaf Hussain that,
Qadianies have the right to Preach and built thier religious installations?
Mr Altaf hussain said YES.

So this YES becomes a curse for Altaf hussain as the soo called Mullahs, Munafiqs of Jamat e Islami and Talibans starts agitaiton and even took out processions against Altaf Hussain.

After this Altaf Hussain clearifies that he Consider a person non Muslim who don’t consider Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) as a last Prophet of Al Mighty Allah.

Qadianis, or Jamat e Ahmediya or Lahori Group were declared Non Muslims in the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan, so the Qadianis living in Pakistan are Non Muslims.

According to Muslim Faith and Beliefs a person who don’t accept Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) as a last Prophet of Al Mighty Allah is a non believer as the termed Khatim un Nabiyeen is used for Porphet Mohammad(P.B.U.H) in Quran thus who ever has a faith differ to what has been written in Quran can not be a Muslim.

Now to the interview of Altaf Hussain.

The people who are itched by the comments of Altaf Hussain regarding Qadianis that they have right of preching their faith and also have right to built their religious Installations should go and read the article 20 of Pakistani Constitution, the same Pakistani Constitution that Declared Qadianis Non Muslims.

The Article 20 Pakistani Constitution said:

20.     Freedom to profess religion and to manage religious institutions.
Subject to law, public order and morality:-
(a)     every citizen shall have the right to profess, practise and propagate his religion; and
(b)     every religious denomination and every sect thereof shall have the right to establish, maintain and manage its religious institutions.

So it is clear what Altaf Hussain said about Qadianis is written in Pakistani Constitution and Qadianis as non muslims have the right to Profess, Practise and Propagate their religion and not only that also have the right to establish, maintain and manage its religious institutions.

I ask the people who are making so much hue and cries about Altaf Hussain Statements that tell me what is the difference between what Altaf hussain said and what is written in Pakistani Constitution?

These so called Mullahs and Jamat e Islami who were so active in movement of Lawyers and on every TV Channel were defending Constitution and giving comments like Constitution is Supreme (Dastoor ki Baladasti honi chahyiyay) should be ashamed of their anti Altaf Hussain protests.

These Mullahs are biggest Munafiqs that if a Qadiani said anything against MQM, they portray him as a Hero, For Example Major Nadeem Dar, Who calimed that he recovered the Jinnah pur Maps, unfortunately he is a Qadiani but the so called ISLAMISTS of this country made him Hero forgetting that he is a Qadiani and Published his interview against MQM on the front pages and those newspapers include Jasarat(Official News paper of Jamat e islami) and Ummat Newspaper as well.

The Constitution was not made or Sign by Altaf Hussain or anyone from MQM, but but made and Signed by Mullahs like Mufti Mahmood, Molana Noorani and Prof Ghafoor of Jamat e Islami, and they give right to non Muslims like Hindus, Chiristians and Qadiayanis to Preach their religion and make their Religious Buildings.

The actual problem is with MQM and Altaf Hussain, as the time proved that Altaf Hussian has refused to sell himself and MQM to Agencies and with out any fear Altaf Hussain always tell the truth which is a problem for the people, and everyone knows that the Agencies feed the so called Mullahs of Pakistan for the larger interest of PUNJAB not Pakistan, who are making Pakistanis fool in the name of Islam and Pakistan for the last 60 years.

Anyone who is against Qadiani preaching should ask for the change in Pakistanis Constitution as Altaf hussain statement and what is written in Pakistani Constitution is SAME and this Constitution is made by so called Mullahs who always take credit of writing this Constitution.

Quaid e Azam who made this country by making a Qadiani Zafarullah the first foreign Minister of Pakistan gave the message that every Pakistani irrespective of his religion is an equal citizen of this country and now the people of Pakistan have to decide Pakistan will run according to the teachings and aspirations of Quaid e Azam or Osama Bin Laden or Jamat e Islami.

Time now is to treat every muslim and non muslim as equal citizen of Pakistan, otherwise the sufferer will be Pakistan Only.

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  1. kiyani permalink
    September 18, 2009 7:03 am

    obviously Mullahs are there in politics for the dirty games, they are the convicted one but on the other hand, one YES by Altaf Hussain was not the appropriate one. Qadiani are munafeqian who claim themselves as the Muslims and if they are given with the rights of preaching, then the image and reality of Islam will not be the transaparent as glass. They will introduce their own Islam which will surely betray the muslims who newly entered in the circle of Islam. That will not be acceptable for any Muslim either that so called Mullahs, or anyother civilian.


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