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Jinnahpur Maps were Drama….

August 24, 2009

With tears in my eyes, with shaking hands i am typing this post.

I remember my comrades who were brutally tortured to death and executed extra judicially, we were termed as Traitors and Army of Pakistan claimed to found Maps of Jinnahpur from the offices of MQM and Operation was launch against MQM and People of Karachi.

Now Corps Commander Karachi Gen Naseer Akhter and Brig Imtiaz Ex ISI and DG IB accepts that the recovery of Maps of Jinnahpur were Drama and nothing was found from MQM offices.

Now I ask people of Karachi and Pakistan to ask the Army and Political Parties who were beating the drum of Jinnahpur from the last 18 years why they lied to people of Pakistan?

  • I ask who are responsible for the deaths of more then 18ooo Mohajir youth who were murdered in operation cleanup against MQM?
  • If there were no Maps of Jinnahpur then why the hell that operation was done?
  • What were the real motives of that operation?
  • Why Nawaz and Benazir Government, Jamat e islami, Agencies were lying to the people of Karachi and Pakistan against MQM and Altaf Hussain?
  • After all this where is free judiciary and Iftikhar Chaudhry?

I salute to all my Comrades and Martyrs of MQM who lay their lives in Operation Cleanup.

Long Live M.Q.M

Long Altaf Hussain

Forever Live Martyrs of M.Q.M

Video of Former Corps Commander Karachi and Brig Imtiaz.

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  1. September 1, 2009 5:37 pm

    I strongly recommended that C.J Iftikar Chaudhry take a strong action against responsible politicians and Army personals. I also say that Peoples of Karachi are the true Pakistani and our forefathers gives there lives for Pakistan.

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